Bukit Larut

Maxwell Hill

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Bukit Larut is Malaysia's oldest highland resort, established in 1884 as a colonial hill station for the British to escape work woes and heat of the lowlands. Also known as Maxwell Hill, after one of Perak's British Residents, Sir George Maxwell, Bukit Larut receives the highest rainfall in the Peninsular, up to 4000mm annually. The high amount of precipitation accounts for an unusuallly dense and lush hilly rainforest, providing for a high incidence of botanical endemics and diverse range of montane wildlife.

Rare mountain serows, clouded leopards, Tapirs and even tigers have been spotted within the vicinity, especially at its more remote peaks. The average altitude lies around 1250 meters high, but its highest point at Gunung Hijau is approximately 1500 meters.
Temperatures range around 25 °C during the day and down to 15°C at night. Unlike other highland resort destinations, Bukit Larut has little tourist development, being run entirely by state authorities. A single narrow road leads all the way to the hill station; access to public vehicles is barred. Visitors need to first reach the base entrance from a road that winds from Lake Garden, then ride on jeeps provided by the park office. The jeeps depart hourly from 8am to 3pm; visitors arrange for their pick-up time with the driver - the last trip down ends at 4pm. Do note that some of the drivers navigate rather quickly around the hairpin bends, providing for a harrowing journey up the 10km road.

Alternatively, you also hike using the tarred road or jungle trail (initial half of the distance), which should take between two to three hours. The main landing ground for the jeeps is a small clearing at roughly 1000 meters high; where most of the holiday bungalows can be found along with the only private resort Cendana Hut. Slightly down below is the Tea Garden, the site of a former tea estate which now houses a restaurant. A playground and watch tower completes the list of activities found around here; other than enjoying the cooling climate and green surroundings, which can drop to 15°C at night, there isn't much else to do. Even the viewpoints are slightly obscured by trees, but you can still get a sweeping view of Taiping town and the coastline (about 30km away).

Nature and wildlife enthusiasts, on the other hand, will appreciate exploring the landscape along the remainder of tarred road that leads to a series of telecommunication towers. A 1.5km jungle trail to the summit of Gunung Hijau can be accessed about 2km along this road for some actual trekking. While most visitors take only a day trip, some accommodation is available in the form of holiday bungalows run by the park. Ranging in size, comfort and condition, most but of them come relatively cheap, with beds and rooms for eight to ten people for the night. Alternatively, the private resort Cendana Hut provides boutique accommodation with a small range of rooms.
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